Repair, Restoration, Authentication and Spa Service

At Leather Surgeons, we offer a full line of precision repair, heirloom preservation, complete restoration, authentication and spa services. We only repair and restore authentic handbags that fall into luxury price ranges such as Chanel, Hermes, and other accepted brands from our list.


Gerry Gallagher is an exotic skin specialist who has worked hand-in-hand on custom finishes with the finest tanneries in the country. While most repair shops use spray paint, Gerry has developed a proprietary re-glazing system that is exclusive to Leather Surgeons spa services.


Please note: As a courtesy to our customers, we waive the authentication fee for any items requiring repairs, restoration, or spa services. We will provide a free letter of authentication for these items by request.


See below for more detailed descriptions of our services.

Handbag Spa Service

Give your handbag the care it deserves. Our spa services include:

– Cleaning
– Rehydrating
– pH balancing
– Refinishing to restore color
– Removing oils from handles
– Removing scratches and scuffs
– Covering stains and general wear
– Other minor repairs

The refinishing and recoloring system in our spa services is completely unique to our studio. At Leather Surgeons, we know our customers want their handbags to feel as soft as the day they were purchased.

With this in mind, we have spent 30 years with chemists developing a proprietary refinishing system. Recoloring in our spa service is applied dry via airbrush so the bag is never wet, and only applied where needed with as little as possible. Between our proprietary methods and systems we have developed, we are able to recolor your handbag and bring back the shine while still leaving the soft feel with our spa service.

Handbag Repair & Restoration Service

Has the color faded on your Chanel lambskin classic? Are there holes in the corners of your Grand Shopper Tote? Perhaps the plating on your Hermes Birkin has tarnished. No matter your specific need for repair, we have the expertise and skill to breathe life back into your favorite handbag. We will give you an honest assessment and advise you on all of the options for repairs or restorations.

Every handbag that comes through our doors is lightly cleaned and pH balanced free of charge before any work is done. Please see our spa service option above for information on what makes our recoloring unique.

Complete Restoration & Heirloom Preservation

So you’ve recently found a well-worn, vintage Chanel 2.55 at an estate sale that you would like to restore. Maybe you’ve discovered your mother’s heirloom Hermes Bolide handbag that you want to bring back to life. Complete restoration and heirloom preservation of worn, classic, vintage, antique bags is our metier in the Leather Surgeons studio.

Please see our spa service option above for information on what makes our recoloring unique.

Authentication Service

Not sure if the Hermes handbag you just purchased on eBay is authentic? Do you have a full stock of Chanel ready for auction and are in need of expert authentication to confidently sell your merchandise? With over 30 years of handbag creation, repair, restoration, and over 200,000 Chanel bags authenticated, no other company can rival our experience.

The service is $55 and includes an official letter of authenticity signed by Gerry Gallagher himself; however, we waive this fee for any items requiring additional services and will provide the letter upon request.